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An Inventive and Creative Exploration of Faith. Register online.

Raising Funds for the Mission of Your Cathedral

Plymouth Congregational Church 10 am on Thanksgiving
Stop in to visit and browse the enticing assortment of gifts, books and art. The Book Shop is open 10-2 pm Tuesday - 
Friday, and on Sunday mornings.
Local events of interest to Saint Markans. Social Justice events, Forum with Gene Robinson and more.
Collection of informational articles about Saint Mark’s by Saint Markans as well as weekly notes from our Dean.
Download a PDF booklet about Election Engagement, prepared by the Episcopal Public Policy Network. Our Presiding Bishop strongly supports this effort.
Because God’s house is large and wonderfully diverse, and because we believe the content and practice of the faith is shared ‘infectiously,’ we work hard at Saint Mark’s to include every age and stage in our corporate worship...
Paul would like to offer some casual time to meet parishioners to get to know folks more personally and learn about their hopes for Saint Mark’s. Sign up online.
Upcoming Events
Oct 29, 5 pm
All families with children too young to vote are invited for an evening of pizza, games, and time for parents to learn about the formation programs their children attend while their children play. RSVP to Anna.
(2 hours)

Oct 30, 9:15 am
The Episcopal Pathos — Why we do what we do. Led by Dean Paul Lebens-Englund.

Nov 6, 9:15 am
Using the prophet Amos as a guide, search with us for current prophetic voices as we prepare for the most important day of civic engagement in our democracy – Election Day. Led by Susan Travis and Michael Summerfield.

Nov 12, 10 am
We will be discussing “The Road to Character” by David Brooks, New York Times Columnist.
(an hour)