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Intersections: This year’s Pride events will focus on members of the Twin Cities community who participate in or serve LGBTQ communities, communities of color, and/or a variety of faith convictions and experiences.

Jul 17, 5:30 pm
Common Place

A collective gathering of LGBTQ Christians across the Twin Cities. Join us at our potluck and “Get To Know You” event.

Rev. Lisa Wiens Heinsohn is leaving us, but has introduced us to her brother Steve’s recent book, which helps us reflect on the transitions in our lives in light of the Creation story.
Do you have a desire to learn how to study the Bible from a theological perspective? EFF or Education for Ministry is a four-year curriculum of theological education by extension offered by the School of Theology at the University of the South (Sewanee).
The Stewardship Committee in partnership with Property and Finance is in need of a person or person(s) to manage this season's special events parking lot activity.
Facilitators are not grief counselors or therapists, but are facilitators for small group discussions. Training is provided.
Sunday Night Supper has a couple of special jobs needing helpers.
Collection of informational articles about Saint Mark’s.
Paul would like to offer some casual time to meet parishioners to get to know folks more personally and learn about their hopes for Saint Mark’s. Sign up online.
Upcoming Events
Jun 5, 3 pm
Join us at the Mixed Blood Theatre for a viewing of “The Christians.” A rousing play about belief and change. “Twenty years ago, this church was just a modest storefront. Now a congregations of thousands gather.”