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What to Expect
Expect to be welcomed and respected as a child of God. We take very seriously the sign on our front lawn - Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here.- You will be warmly greeted, but we also know that when a lot of people first come here, they want to be anonymous and so we try to respect that too.

Our greeters who wear yellow ribbons, our ushers who are handing out bulletins, and our clergy are great people to stop if you have any questions or want to know more about Saint Mark’s.

In the Episcopal Church, we consider our worship to be very formative. We have rituals that we practice each Sunday, words that we repeat week in and week out, and our worship has the same flow to it each Sunday. We believe that praying shapes believing – that how we pray shapes what we believe, so how we pray together becomes important to how we grow together.

In each pew, you will see two books – the Hymnal and the Book of Common Prayer. You can find all the music that we sing in the Hymnal; the Book of Common Prayer includes the flow of worship and words that we say as a congregation. Page numbers are given in the bulletin so that you can follow along. Part of the beauty of our liturgy is that there is mystery in it, so don’t try to understand everything; try to be present to God.

Fill out a visitor’s card in the pew and hand it to an usher or greeter at the service. This way we can get to know you better and will ensure that you are on our mailing list and will be invited to our Newcomer's Luncheon.