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Visiting with Children

Because God's house is large and wonderfully diverse, and because we believe the content and practice of the faith is shared ‘infectiously,’ we work hard at Saint Mark’s to include every age and stage in our corporate worship. Children, like adults, hear, see, and feel God in different ways. To facilitate incorporation of all ages into our worshipping body, but not prescribe how to worship as a family, we have carpet in front of the pulpit-side pews and carpet and soft furnishings in the balcony. We hope to impart the joy of worship together to all ages and welcome the energy that children add to corporate worship. If you prefer that your young children be in the Nursery, it is located on the 2nd floor in the Children’s Hall.

Nursery care is available on Sunday mornings for children ages 4 and under. With a caring and knowledgeable team, young children are offered a safe and welcoming environment.

Meets Sunday 9:15 - 10:15 in the Youth Office. This Sunday morning group is for youth of 9th -12th grade, it will challenge them to discern and develop their spiritual faith and beliefs.

Godly Play, our Sunday School curriculum, is offered every Sunday during the school year for children pre-school through 5th grade from 9:15-10:15 am.

Meets Sunday 9:15–10:15 in the 3rd Floor Youth Lounge. This is a Sunday morning program for 6th–8th grades that will focus on relevant and timely bible answers to real-life issues today’s teens face.