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Community of Hope International (COHI) is Returning to Saint Mark’s in 2018
As Christians, we believe, by faith, that God has given us every good gift necessary to be ‘Church’ in our own time and place. We hear in Scripture that some are gifted to be Apostles, some Preachers, some Evangelists, some Shepherds, and some Teachers – all of us, together, ‘the Body of Christ.’

Community of Hope International is the program through which Saint Mark’s has chosen to shape our ‘Shepherding’ ministry—that is, the myriad ways we companion, champion, and care for one another as a community of faith. While the Ministry Team plays a particular role in supporting and nurturing our mutual care and concern, it is up to the Body—that is, you and me – to do the caring and concerning.

Are you a natural companion? Do folks naturally look to you for support? Do you flourish in the care of others? If so, please consider joining us for COHI training in 2018. You’ll be able to hone skills you already possess and may, through learning and practice and discernment, discover that you’re ready to share in the Shepherding of this wondering community at Saint Mark’s.

Those who participate will be able to:

·       Actively express Benedictine spirituality in their personal and community relationships;

·       Use spiritual listening to care for and support others;

·       Recognize Christ’s presence in others and show them the gift of Benedictine hospitality; and

·       Experience spiritual growth in a small group guided by The Rule of Saint Benedict.

The new Community of Hope program begins January 29th and runs Mondays from 5:30 to 8:00pm, meeting weekly, except for holidays, through May 14. Those who are interested in this opportunity are asked to contact Dr. Helen Hansen, Mary Smith , or the Reverend Terry Erickson or check in with any of us at coffee hour.