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On November 30th, the Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness (DCEH) Steering Committee held a strategic planning retreat at Saint Mark's. Member congregations, including Saint Mark's, invited congregation members involved in direct service and advocacy efforts to gather with people that have or are currently experiencing homelessness downtown to discern a way forward in service together. This event was one step in a several step strategic planning process over several months to help DCEH member congregations discern a collective way forward.

DCEH is an interfaith collaboration of downtown Minneapolis churches, synagogues and mosques working together to end homelessness and poverty. DCEH focuses on shifting from an immediate needs approach to long term solutions through a combination of education, advocacy and action. Through learning and volunteer opportunities for congregants, community partnerships, and development of effective strategies and programs, the DCEH is committed to impacting the community around us to end homelessness. Saint Mark's is a member congregation. Deacon Rena Turnham serves on the Steering Committee and Cody Maynus, Saint Mark's Community Engagement Coordinator, serves on the Direct Service Provider subcommittee. Interested in becoming involved in DCEH? Please contact Cody